Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Next Website

Why WordPress is here to stay

Whether the site you are about to create is your first web project or just another one, we would highly recommend you to use WordPress.

‘Why should I use WordPress’ – you might ask.

Well, WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. We are also using it. Of course, you don’t have to use anything just because we’ve decided to use it. We’ve picked some of our top reasons to use WordPress as main CMS. So, here are the 5 reasons why you should use WordPress when building your next website.

1. WordPress Is Free

That doesn’t make it vulnerable, neither the security of your website is threatened. Just the opposite. A lot of people are taking care of the task to make WordPress not only more user-friendly but also more secure.

Everybody can download and change the code, but not every change is accepted by the WordPress team. Thus, not every change will make it to the next update. Also, for those changes to make a difference to your website, you should update to the new version.

You can download, install and use WordPress without paying a cent to anyone at anytime. And we are talking about a system that is preferred by major media companies around the world. You get that for free. How good is that?

2. WordPress is Highly Customizable

The design of your WordPress website depends especially on the theme you are using. The plugins that you are installing can, of course, change it a bit more but that’s all. The theme, as the name suggests, is the predominant element determining your website’s layout.

But (there is always a ‘but’) pretty much all of the themes, especially those you’ll probably use, have a lot more to them, than a single layout. Of course, the simpler the theme, the faster the website building will be. On the other hand, the simpler the theme, the fewer customization options you’ll have at your disposal. We love customization options and we believe you do too.

WordPress is highly customizable. If you are familiar with specific coding languages – it is fully customizable. If not – you will most likely be able to change the following:

  • Background color/ image
  • Page layout
  • Font colors and size
  • Footers and headers
  • Site identity
  • Menus
  • Widget area

3. WordPress Is Built for SEO

WordPress is already primed for search engine optimization (SEO). Plugins, however, can further enhance your site’s search engine chances. A popular choice is All In One SEO, which can analyze a new post’s SEO and help you improve the likelihood of better results from Google and other search engines. Yoast even has an extensive guide on its website, guiding you through the process of improving your entire WordPress site’s SEO.

There are also many other plugins you can use besides Yoast to up your SEO game. Google XML Sitemaps, for example, creates a sitemap in the XML markup language to make your site more readable by Google.

4. It’s easy to find WordPress help

Because WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, there’s a massive support ecosystem for anything and everything related to WordPress. Plenty of blogs post WordPress tutorials, and there are also dedicated WordPress support forums, as well as helpful beginner-friendly video tutorials.

5. Secure and Safe

With the popularity of WordPress comes the interest of would-be hackers. Another reason why WordPress is so beloved is the security measures the developers take to preserve the trust of its users. The WordPress staff constantly update the CMS, along with the plugs-ins that integrate with it. Of course, users should use caution and only download plugins from trusted sources, preferably while directly logged into WordPress itself.

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